Website Maintenance Service

Maintenance and support is crucial for all web sites.
Businesses need regular website maintenance to keep their website up to date. So the value of their website being maintained over time.
Firstly, a site becomes outdated in about six months. It may become obsolete within two years. Hence, regular update of the website is necessary.
Furthermore a Website can be hacked and viruses, trojans and malware affect the website.
Therefore, cleaning your website from malicious software may become necessary.
Moreover, keeping the latest working version of the website is also important. This will be useful in case that the website gets compromised.
In addition, regular maintenance keep your website more secure.
Likewise it contribute to maintaining the search engine ranking of the website.

Website Maintenance

Our website support and maintenance packages include:

We all know that regular maintenance is important for a car.
Similarly it is important for websites.
Proper maintenance save you time, money, and unnecessary trouble in the long run.
Therefore when we develop your website, we also provide you with the info and also training.
As a result, you can manage and maintain the website yourself.

However, if you would like us to maintain your website, you can rely on us.
So, check below the maintenance services we are offering.

Web site maintenance and support (Casual)

Resolving issues with the website, updating text/image changes, backup/restore, etc.

CMS Web site maintenance and support (Contract)

Maximum one hour per month, per website (without shopping cart);
Health check, security, core and module updates.
Bug fixes, monthly backup and minor txt/img changes.

eCommerce Web site maintenance and support (Contract)

Maximum two hours per month, per eCommerce website;
Health check, security, core and module updates
Bug fixes, fortnightly backup and minor txt/img changes.

Contracted maintenance terms and conditions:

1. Change in website design is not included in website maintenance.
2. SEO, marketing and promoting the website is not included in maintenance.
3. All services are provided, Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm.
4. Urgent after-hours services will be billed separately at the standard support rate.
5. Additional on-demand work (ie. adding new pages or functionalities) will be billed separately at %50 of standard support rate.

Require further details on our Maintenance Service?

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We are experienced professionals who understand that IT services is changing, and are true partners who care about your future business success.

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