Cloud Migration Services

Trying to solve all your IT challenges internally can become costly and a major distraction, Leveraging knowledgeable IT consulting firms like ushelps your business remain secure.

Cloud Migration for Businesses

Moving to cloud brings lots of benefits to your business. It also solve many problems.
The cloud gives you access to virtually limitless computer resources.
Therefore maintaining a server room in your office no longer required.
cloud environment is scalable, user friendly, highly available and reliable.

Cloud Migration Services

Benefits include costs saving, collaboration efficiency, security, flexibility, mobility, quality control, disaster recovery, automatic updates and sustainability.

Migration Projects Lifecycle

To implement the migration project the following processes will be in place.
a. Initiation
Visit the premises to assess the data and requirements. During the initiation phase we develop a statement of the work. This statement covers the project’s objective, scope, and deliverables.
b. Planning
When the statement of the works approved, we provide the client with a breakdown of the tasks and durations. This provide an glance of achievable within the time frame.
c. Execution
Our team will deploy the project according to the approved plan including the on premise and cloud setup. During the execution phase, Prime IT team also runs necessary training to upskill the end-user and assure everyone is ready for the new environment.
d. Closure
In the closure phase, our team provide final deliverables and releases project resources. We also determine the success of the project.
This includes the post-implementation reviews. Therefore we make sure all agreed scope of the project is delivered.

Cloud Migration Project


Cloud Management and Migration Services

Cloud migration is the process of moving your applications and digital data to cloud infrastructure. In other word moving your tools and data from usually on-premises old data centre to the cloud. We provide a seamless migration with minimum downtime and premium cloud management service to businesses in WA.
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We are experienced professionals who understand that IT services is changing, and are true partners who care about your future business success.

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