Practical SEO Training

SEO Training

Enrol for this SEO training and gain the knowledge of fundamentals, process and strategies of the SEO. You will learn how to improve the visibility and ranking of your website. Particularly, if your budget is not enough to hire an SEO company, but you have enough time to do it yourself, this DIY TRAINING is for you.

SEO Training for Small Businesses

Our SEO Practical Training teaches you how to optimise your website and push it to the top page of search engines.

Course content include SEO analysis, Keyword and SEO target, Content and URL optimisation, Image optimisation, sitemap, link building, link structure, follow and no-follow and tips for good link building.

The SEO techniques you learn, will also improve the user experience across your website, and increase its visibility and traffic.

Natural SEO

To begin you need to have access to the cpanel and admin section of your website. In this quick (one 3-hours session) you will learn how to analyse and optimise your website, and much more.

Free Online Course

Multiple free online courses are also available from google that help you to learn digital marketing, including SEO and other aspect of promoting an online business.
To check and sign up with the courses that might benefit you click HERE

Learn Digital Marketing

For further details on our SEO training call or write to us.

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