Website Maintenance (Contract)


Website Maintenance and Support (Contract)

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Occasional monitoring plus one hour per website per month including health checks, Security, core and module updates, bug fixes and error checking, monthly backup, emergencies and resolving issues (when reported), CSS customisation, plugins and widget Installation & customisation, and minor txt/img changes.
Please note that we will require website URL, access credentials for the site and hosting environment, and your explanation about the issue before we process, which we ask for after you have successfully signed up.

1. Price provided is per month fee for contracted website maintenance.
2. Recurring payments from your account will be set for the same amount per month for the following months.
3. SEO, marketing, and change in website design is not included in website maintenance.
4. Prime IT is not responsible for host server failure or other catastrophic events associated with the web host.
5. Emergency services (ie. If website is down) are provided as required, Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm.
6. Urgent after-hour services will be billed separately at the standard support rate.
7. Additional on-demand work such as adding new page or functionalities, changes in website theme or design, will be billed separately at %75 of standard support rate.