Practical SEO Training for Small Businesses

This practical SEO training gives you enough knowledge to do SEO for your own website.
This course is suitable for businesses, who do not have enough budget to afford hiring an SEO agency, but have enough time an energy to do it themselves.
DIY SEO is what you will gain from this hands-on training.
By participating at our “SEO Practical Training” you will learn the essential methods on how to optimise your website.
The course focus would be on your own website.
However if you do not currently have a website, then we will use a sample website for training purpose.

Practical SEO Training

SEO Training Duration and Cost

This mini course is one “three-hours session” can be set for any time of your convenient (preferably Tuesday-Friday 2:00-5:00 pm).
Cost: $450.00 (no GST) per person


1. Access to the admin section and cpanel of your own website
2. Ability to edit the content of your website
3. Ability to write text about your product and/or services
4. Ability to publish post about your product and/or services on social media and business listing websites.

What you will learn

– What is SEO
– Keyword search
– Website SEO analysis
– Content optimisation
– URL Optimisation
– Image optimisation
– Sitemap and robots.txt creation
– Off page link building

Full payment for the course shall be made up front at the time of booking.
Refund is not available but the class time can be re-arranged if required.

For further details on our Practical SEO Training for Small Businesses, please call us on +61 (08) 9218 8204.
Alternatively you can write to us HERE.