On Demand Support Services Perth

So, you need assistance with your IT to make your business more efficient but you’re not sure if you need On Demand Support Services or Fixed Fee on-going Managed IT Support. Let us help you to decide with this brief summary.

Managed IT Support

In the case of Managed IT Support, a company act as the IT department of your business. The company provides you with a full suite of services and technical support. The services include combination of monitoring, maintenance and on-site, remote, and helpdesk support.

This is more than the average full-time IT employee can deliver to your business. Consequently, this type of service costs less than hiring an employee.

Therefore, it is suitable for businesses that require IT Support frequently and usually hire a full-time IT employee.

It will bring the following benefits to your business through proper systems management;

  • Peace of mind
  • Issue avoidance and increased productivity
  • Cost savings
  • Fast response
Managed Support Services
Managed Support Services

On Demand Support Services

On Demand Support Services
On Demand Support Services

However, if you have a small business with less than five computers and less critical software applications, you probably not need a lot of IT support. When you do need it, the technical support team will act quicky to solve your technical problems.

For On Demand Services, there is no contract with the IT company, you pay whenever a service is required.

Therefore, the On-Demand option is suitable for small businesses with few employees and computers or devices that do not require frequent IT support and maintenance.

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