Managed IT Support Service

Prime IT Solution’s Fixed-Fee Proactive Managed IT Support Service is a combination of monitoring, maintenance, on-site, remote and helpdesk support”.

The Benefits of Managed IT Support

With Managed IT Support, Prime IT acts as the IT department of your business. We provides you with a full suite of services and technical support.

Our Managed IT Support Service plans allow you to focus on running your business and not worry about your technology. It brings you “peace of mind”, “Issue avoidance”, “Increased Productivity”, “Cost Savings” and “Fast Response”.

We will prevent issues before they become a problem, minimising potential downtime of your system. We also take on all the risk, so that if something goes wrong, we fix it, at no additional service fee.
Optional Round the clock (24/7) service and support is available.

The service and support we provide you, will be much more than a full time IT employee can deliver to your business. Consequently our service creates very much less cost than such employee.

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Fully Managed IT Services
Fully Managed IT Services