the Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing and Remote Work

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we all had to improvise and suddenly change to working from home. This lead to some struggles at the beginning. However it also eased other areas including transportation costs and pollution. Even though most were at home, we still met deadlines and attended team meetings. With no doubt, none of that was possible without cloud based technology.

Cloud Computing

Benefits of the Colud Computing

There are four main benefits of cloud computing for remote workers.
Enhanced Security and Cyber Protection
Disaster recovery in cloud computing helps prevent the loss of data. It also minimise the impact of the disaster on an individual’s work. Above all, it prevents your data from hackers or other infiltrations.
Change is the key to achieving your business goals. This means everything must be adjustable based on the conditions on society. With cloud computing you can easily increase data storage space, processing speed, etc. If you had a server that was in your building the same process that takes minutes with no downtime on cloud computing can take weeks if you have to do it at a physical infrastructure.
Better Team Collaboration
employees at the office usually work in a group to get the assignment completed. This is still possible and quite effective with remote working. With the help of cloud computing and its feature, employees can download office 365 and accordingly edit the file together while on a call communicating ideas and typing it all down.
Improved Accessibility
With cloud computing all your employees have easy access to anything they need to get their job done perfectly. Cloud allows remote workers to get what they want to perform their tasks. All they need is to sign in with their individual credentials to access the organisation’s data and apps.

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